I'm Not Judging You... You Are Judging You!

A mini-masterclass on Judgment. Includes journal prompts & a short 5-part exercise

I'm Not Judging You... You Are Judging You!
I'm Not Judging You... You Are Judging You!

I know just by reading this title you might be thinking... 'I don't judge others Danielle and I don't judge myself'. Heck, you may have even been a little triggered by this title... and that was the point.

This share today is not about the fact that anyone does or doesn't judge. This share today is about understanding the aspect of self that is human and by nature does judge others and self.

You may be believing that you don't judge others but you absolutely do judge yourself and now is the part where your human tells itself and convince itself that you don't judge yourself (or others). But by nature of the human mind you do in fact judge yourself and others. This is an aspect of this human experience.

Are you confused yet about who judges who... because I am. :)

Now that we have got that out of the way, let's chat about the concept that you do judge yourself and others. And I will bet flowers & unicorns that once you ground yourself in this truth your life will open up to a new level.

To understand this topic of judgement we get to expand 2 things:

1: You do judge others

2: You are always judging yourself against others

Before we expand I want you to know that this article is going to end in the TRUTH that you do not need to stay in a mindset of judging self or others. You can absolutely elevate the human mind, your ego self, to be one of neutrality and introspection vs comparison and volatility.

Below I will share with you some prompts and actions that you can take to disrupt your current mindset and elevate into this higher way of being.

Let's begin our mini-masterclass on Judgment...

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