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Work With Danielle Grant | Private Mentorship, Group Experiences, Downloads |
Work With Danielle Grant | Private Mentorship, Group Experiences, Downloads

Welcome to the gateway of possibility on your journey to spiritual expansion. Dive into a container where personal growth meets divine connection.

Uncover the bespoke opportunities awaiting you, from intimate mentorship that resonate with your unique essence, immersive group experiences that foster a collective elevation of consciousness, to dynamic workshops designed to illuminate your path. Join Danielle as your spiritual ally, and let the exploration of your inner self become a harmonious dance towards enlightenment and fulfillment.

Are you ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey? Explore the various ways to work with Danielle and elevate your consciousness TODAY!

Included in the Founders Membership is VIP Pricing, click below to view

Close Proximity Containers:

  • 1:1 Container: Personalized mentorship to guide you on your awakening & ascension path. ($3,500 - $100,000)
  • A Day With Danielle: A day of higher consciousness resulting in you embodying a higher version of yourself in only a few hours...seems impossible... it isn't! ($15,000+)
  • RECLAIM Your Higher Self: Join Danielle's 4-month immersive experience for a profound transformation into your highest self. ($7,500) (Enrollment Opens March 2024)

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Looking for something self-guided?

If you prefer a more introspective and self-paced approach, consider delving into Danielle's meditation series, journals, self-guided programs, and pre-recorded masterclasses. Each offering is crafted to empower you on your individual path, providing a transformative journey that aligns with your rhythm and resonates with the core of your being. Embrace the opportunity to deepen your connection with self and spirit through these thoughtfully curated self-guided resources

  • Ultimate Journal Playbook: A transformative tool to enhance self-reflection and awareness. ($66)
  • Meditation Series: Dive into guided meditations for inner peace and spiritual connection. ($44)

Self-Guided Offerings

Journal Prompts
Below you will find links to purchase a variety of Journal Prompts Awake & Ascending Founding Members Access: click here to download 50 Inner Peace Journal Prompts $9 50 Inner Peace Journal Prompts

Self-Study Offerings

-coming soon-

Hey There, I'm Danielle Grant!

I'm not your average spiritual guide or mentor. I'm the girl you hire when you're done with the fluff and want to dive straight into the heart of the matter. I'm the one you turn to after you've tried the rest!

Learn More About Danielle Here

Danielle is the guiding force behind The Spiritual Room and her personal brand - Awake & Ascending. She operates from a space of unity, oneness, and a desire to avoid claiming titles, choosing instead to be the bearer of light and higher frequencies. When you enter Danielle's space, you soon realize that she's a powerful force, chosen to be the neutral sidekick on your awakening and ascension journey into the 5th density.

Danielle mentors the awakening & awakened into 5D consciousness through 1:1 mentoring, intimate 'Day with Danielle' experiences, group mentoring, self-guided programs, meditations, and more. Her approach leverages the levels of consciousness, meditations attuned to specific frequencies, self-reflection prompts, and a deep awareness of the universe.

In her role as a guide and mentor, Danielle stands apart, offering profound insights into spiritual truths and illuminating the path to enlightenment. Her depth of understanding in the realm of spiritual truths is a shining light in a confusing and turbulent world, guiding individuals toward profound self-realization and spiritual ascension

Client Experiences (Case Studies): 

Gain insights into the diverse experiences of Danielle's clients. From professional athletes to stay-at-home parents, corporate executives to entrepreneurs. These stories serve as injections of inspiration, illustrating the transformative power of awakening in various life contexts.

Some of the case studies include:

  • Spiritual Awakening: Uncover the profound truth in my clients' journeys as they break into higher consciousness, navigating the often challenging terrain of self-discovery.
  • Spiritual Ascension: Elevate your understanding of spirituality. These case studies focus on taking existing spiritual knowledge and ascending to deeper levels of soul evolution.
  • Entrepreneurial Insights: Navigating the spiritual path while balancing the demands of entrepreneurship.
  • Corporate Reflections: Reflections on spirituality within the corporate world and the pursuit of purpose in professional settings.
  • Parenting Perspectives: Insights for parents, exploring the spiritual journey amidst the joys and challenges of parenthood.
  • Athletic & Influencer Awakening: Stories from professional athletes & influencers embracing spirituality as a key element of their journey to success.
Check out the Road To Gold Publication with my client and professional athlete; Kennedy Justinen