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The Podcast By Danielle Grant |
The Podcast By Danielle Grant

The Awake & Ascending Podcast will be released March 2024

Welcome to a world where audio becomes a transformative force, and your journey to higher consciousness and enlightenment begins with a simple click. These are not just audio experiences; this will be a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual discovery. Experience something that goes beyond the auditory, touching the essence of your being.

In these two captivating podcasts, the intention is clear: to elevate your awareness and activate dormant facets within you, waiting to be stirred to life. Join host Danielle Grant as she guides you through conversations that resonate deep within, awakening something within you that you might not have known needed activation.

Press play with the intention to elevate, activate, and explore the uncharted territories of your own consciousness.

Awake & Ascending Podcast (VIP Access)

Release Date: March 2024

Step into a different kind of experience with the Awake & Ascending Podcast. It's not your usual VIP affair; think of it more like an easygoing chat with a friend, that you don't want to end. This podcast throws aside the barriers, offering genuine conversations that invite you to broaden your awareness and immerse yourself in your spiritual truth.

Turn up the volume for expansive discussions covering spirituality, 5D ascension, the world's hidden truths, and an unfiltered peek into Danielle's life. From personal anecdotes such as; awakening, healing, life, love (hello sexy time), and the entrepreneurial journey, nothing is off the table. No restrictions, no filters, just a sincere dive into higher consciousness on all levels.

If you are seeking an honest, inviting, and relaxed exploration of profound topics, then look no further; press play and become part of the conversation.

The podcast is a private show and only available to VIP subscribers of Awake & Ascending The Publication. From time to time Danielle will drop an episode for the world to hear, but if you want access to this exclusive show, join us on the inside as a VIP.

The Spiritual Show Podcast

Join host Danielle Grant on The Spiritual Show Podcast, your down-to-earth destination for spiritual insights and expanded conversation. This podcast is more than discussions; it's a shared exploration of dimensions, world events, and the connecting threads of our existence. From heartfelt solo episodes to enlightening interviews, Danielle keeps it real, making this podcast the perfect space to expand your understanding of spirituality, the truth, and what you are seeking, one episode at a time.

Some Highlights of The Spiritual Show Podcast:

  • Different perspectives of the spiritual awakening & ascension journey
  • Clear & concise explanations of the otherwise complicated spiritual wisdom
  • Interviews with spiritual teachers and guides, providing diverse perspectives
  • Inspiring stories of others' spiritual journeys that illuminate the path of awakening and ascension

This podcast is your genuine companion on the road to spiritual awakening & ascension. Tune in for an unfiltered take on spiritual wisdom and become part of a global community that transcends borders, uniting seekers from every corner of the world.

This podcast is brought to you by The Spiritual Room, your online and offline container supporting your spiritual awakening & ascension.

The Spiritual Show Podcast by The Spiritual Room |
The Spiritual Show Podcast by The Spiritual Room