Letter To Self - Feb 12, 2024

This week's theme: TRUST

Letter To Self - Feb 12, 2024
Letter To Self - February 12, 2024 | Written By Danielle Grant

Dear Danielle,

Last week was an interesting experience of Trust. Just when you think you trust yourself, something shows up to test that truth. You'd think I'd be used to this happening by now but nope. Every new timeline of trust brings a new choice to show self that I do trust.

Moving forward, the way I am going to start acting within trust is like 24-hours in a day. 'How much trust can I act upon in this 24-hours'. Instead of waiting for the moment of trust to arrive and convince me to trust the awareness, I am going to lean into the trust of self immediately and take inspired action the moment it shows up.

The clock is ticking every moment I don't trust and I am 'losing' that time of what could be. No more humming and hawing about if I want to trust the awareness of the inkling, of the higher desire.

Reflecting on this I believe what this looks like is leaning into the 'fear', the 'anxious' feeling, or the space of unknown my human feels, and recognizing that this is the moment of trust.

Whatever the action or experience is in that present moment is when I get to move into trust of whatever is being asked of me. It does not matter how it makes me feel. In fact the 'worse' it feels to my human, the more aligned and expansive it really is.

It's crazy because this can be something as silly and easy as trusting the awareness to turn off the computer and to read that chapter in the book that is calling me. Always, the chapter in the book is exactly what I am seeking in whatever capacity.

Something so simple as this, yet I convince myself that I have 1 million other things of importance to do. When in reality it is this moment of 'do you trust what you are being guided towards' that I am always seeking.

Going one step further, do I trust the thing that is being shown to me that I might dismiss as nothing. When in reality that thing can be the completion of a cycle but only if I am willing to look at it.

Am I willing to take time to stop in my day and trust that this thing that seems ridiculous or as nothing, is actually here for a reason? Am I willing to have the inner conversation with myself about what is being shown to me? Am I willing to trust that this is here now for a reason?

This is reminding me that trusting the guidance of self looks many different ways.

Do you trust the awareness that is calling you?

Do you trust what is being shown to you as yours?

Do you trust the guidance that is being provided?

Do you trust your higher self to know the way?

Do you trust?


Do you surrender to the human self who does not want you to shift frequencies?

Do you surrender to the human feelings of fear, anxiousness, and unknown?

Do you surrender to the human self who despises change and transformation?

At times no doubt my human has won the moment of exchange and the opportunity passes. Yet without fail my higher self normally always brings the moment back into my awareness to see what I am going to do with it.

I'm sure you can relate - something keeps coming back into your awareness over and over again until you realize why it is showing up for the millionth time and then you finally choose to act in one way or another!

This last week was a whole lot of 'you said you want this, here is your moment, are you going to take it - yes or no?!'. I hesitated on some actions but preserved on most. And you know what happened - I felt a new space of trust started to emerge.

Trusting myself seemed to have gotten easier and easier. Not to the human per say, but the choice to say yes to what was calling me became a lot easier than before.

This week shall be an exercise of listening deeper, acting with more intention, and know that the feelings of the human are all part of the process and necessary to the continued evolution of my soul and human experience.

I'd say my takeaway is this; the moment to TRUST what is available for us, is the only thing we are seeking. Yet so many times we dismiss this awareness as something we don't want, when in reality, it is all that we want.

Trusting the unknown, trusting the awareness, trusting what is, and then acting on what is being shown to us. This is all that we do want.

Chat next week my friend and from another elevated space of trust... let us see how this week unfolds!

Sending good vibes your way.


Danielle G