Letter To Self - February 19, 2024

This week's theme: releasing old energies, embracing transformation, ascending to a higher resonance

Letter To Self - February 19, 2024
Letter To Self - February 19, 2024 | Written By Danielle Grant

Dear Danielle,

This last week was a beautiful reminder that when you want to move forward in life, the things that are not moving forward with you get to complete themselves. AND sometimes it takes multiple 'rounds' to finalize an energy and transcend the frequency.

As I have been transforming into an elevated 'new' self, one of the things I have had to look at are certain people and ways of being that just don't align with the new I am embodying.

I started looking at this idea of people and ways of being intentionally about 2 years ago and this last week I was 'tested' if you will, with an ask from my higher self. " Do you really want to finalize this energy?".

What that looked like is bringing these things back into my awareness and reminding me that it is a choice I have to make. I have to choose if I want to keep holding the old energy or do I want to ascend this energy that is not for me.

I chose to walk away this last week with a deep understanding that it is time for this old energy in these specific aspect to transcend. I do not want this energy, better yet this energy does not match me anymore.

It isn't even about not wanting the energy. It is about recognizing that it is not a match anymore. When I look at it not being a match anymore I can see the win in this situation.

It is not a loss of a person or a way of being, but it is a WIN that I choose to bring it into my awareness, decide it wasn't a match, and then showed up time and time again to no longer be a match.

It's crazy when you think about it... in order for something to no longer be in resonance with you, you first have to SEE it. You have to see that it is misaligned.

Then you have to decide if you are truly ready to ascend beyond the old resonance and in that decision is where challenge lies. It is not as easy as 'I just decide it is no longer for me'. It is a consistent push, pull into what was and into what can be.

It is a consistent choice of do you want to keep entertaining that resonance or do you want to do what needs to be done to free yourself of that attachment. In freeing self you need to let go of many things and for me it looked and sounded like this:

  • do you want to let go of those friendships?
  • do you want to let go of those misaligned individuals?
  • do you want to let go of needing to appease people by staying in these circumstances?
  • do you want to let this behaviour and way of being go?
  • do you want to go through the discomfort of the human self 'needing' the old and the discomfort emotionally that that brings?

Listed above are just a few of the things I have had to think about, step into, and act upon in order to no longer be in resonance with these people, experiences, and aspects.

Once you make the decision it really is a push, pull of reoccurring circumstances that ALLOW you to pick the higher timeline, the resonance with the new frequency. Truly without these reoccurring circumstances the human physically cannot ascend.

You always need to old coming back so that the new can activate and anchor in. Once you go through the cycle of old energy transcending to new energy you are able to complete the cycle of energy. But you never know when that cycle will be over. You never know when the end will be.

You only ever know that you get the choice to keep showing up to it until finally you realize (the energy realizes) that it is not a match for those people, experiences or aspects anymore.

That is what this past week was for me.... a final completion (or so I think...it may surface again and that is okay!).

Some people, experiences, ways of being, showed up this week and asked me yet again 'do you want to transcend your attachment to these?'. It's like a game. Press 'YES' if you do and what that means is walk away from the situation and identify where you might still be in resonance and then activate and anchor in the new.

That is what I did. I sat in resonance with these energies one last time. Then, I walked away and realized that I was still holding onto a belief that maybe, just maybe I still needed the resonance with that energy.

And then I decided NO. I do not need this resonance anymore.

It does not serve me.

It is not for me.

I am not a match for it.

And so it is....

And that was that.

But the key in this whole thing I just shared is this very important thing... I had never fully sat in the 'NO - I do not want this energy any longer' until this past week.

I honestly kept telling myself that they would change, the ways of being were ascended, and I was beyond this all...

But the truth was...I was not.

I had not fully sat in it and made the final choice. I had not decided that the beliefs and thoughts I just shared were expired and not for me to hold anymore. I kept believing my human self that 'they', the external would ascend and it would go away.

It was always me that had to ascend.

It was always me that had to decide if I did not want to hold these beliefs & thoughts anymore.

If this all didn't show up again this week, I would not have been gifted the opportunity to decide and transcend the final lingering energy and attachment. Without all this happening this past week, I would still have some aspect in resonance.

But it showed up. I saw it for what it was very clearly. I recognized the part of me that was still in resonance with it through my beliefs and thoughts and I concrete decided 'NO MORE'. This gets to complete for me.

What is crazy, but not crazy, the moment I made this choice, my body has a visceral reaction. My throat chakra started to contract. It became harder to swallow and I felt a thump in my throat.

Most would think this is a 'sickness' but not me. I knew this was me finally speaking my truth to myself... THIS ENERGY AND RESONANCE IS COMPLETE. I am done being in resonance with this. It gets to be complete now.

And by choosing that, the aspect of me that was previously afraid to make this choice was able to release. My truth was spoken. My body responded with a healthy reaction of clearing and within moments I felt lighter.

I had finally let the belief and thought of attachment go. I finally ended the need to keep going back into the resonance of that energy. I finally decided it was no longer for me.

It was a beautiful thing to witness and I couldn't wait to share that with you today!

What is even better is that this was all about me. Nobody's feelings were hurt, no part of me 'died', nothing tragic happened on the physical per say. What did happen was my frequency shifted and that is what this was all about... ME. And the new I was embodying.

My reminder from this last week is that when you choose to change, to transform, to transcend, you get to expect that the universe, source, god, whomever, will consistently bring what you don't want into your awareness, so that you can keep deciding it isn't for you.

You can keep ascending the attachment into a higher state and after the consistent push, pull, you will be gifted with the choice through awareness, to finally let that way of being, let that attachment, let that resonance go.

This game we are playing of being a spiritual being having a human experience is honestly a TRIP! It is not for the faint of heart, but that is what we signed up to experience wasn't it! We wanted to experience the human meeting the spirit and all that that relationship brings.

I am beyond grateful for this past week because it was time for this to ascend and I feel like the NEW I have been embodying is here more than it was a week ago.

I can't wait to see what this week brings and what I get to share with you next. Stay tuned!

In Good Vibes,