Road To Gold With Kennedy Justinen & Danielle Grant

Road To Gold With Kennedy Justinen & Danielle Grant |
Road To Gold With Kennedy Justinen & Danielle Grant

Access a VIP seat on a remarkable journey with Kennedy Justinen, Professional Snowboardcross Athlete, and Danielle Grant, Spiritual & Personal Evolution Mentor, as they share the inspiring saga of their partnership spanning over 6 years in pursuit of Olympic greatness.

Experience the evolution from an underdog with no snowboardcross experience to NorAm Title victory in 2023, and a formidable presence on the 2024 world cup circuit. Road To Gold unveils conversations from their collaborative efforts, offering a unique blend of Danielle's expansive insights and the grit of athletic training.

This publication is a hub of inspiration, inviting you to believe in the unthinkable and champion the underdog's ascent to the pinnacle of success. Join Danielle and Kennedy on this empowering expedition, where resilience, dedication, and spiritual growth converge on the path to gold.


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