Letter To Self - March 1, 2024

This week's theme: letting the non-physical aspect of self do its job. Also known as The Chakras

Letter To Self - March 1, 2024
Letters To Self - March 1, 2024 | Written By Danielle Grant

Dear Danielle,

At the beginning of last week I was writing to tell you about a shift I had in my life, or better yet an opportunity to finalize a resonance with an energy.

I was so excited that this had shown up for me and I was ready to be free of that energy attachment. What I chose not to think about, was the physical reaction that would occur after activating the transcends of that energy.

Most of us don't think about the energetic aspect of self, that has to work with the human self, but there is an aspect we cannot see that ends up doing most of the heavy lifting for us.

When I decided to truly let this energy go and transmute it, my body had an immediate visceral reaction, and then the very next day I started to feel very congested in my lungs, throat, and nose.

Of course I felt this was, energy was moving after choosing to no longer be in resonance with this aspect of myself... of course!

As per the 3D world, this would be my human getting 'sick', but in the non-physical energetic world this means energy is moving. In the 5D Awakened world, this is my human self ascending lower states of consciousness, lower frequencies and transcending them into a higher state and frequency.

This experience happened because I was already conscious of the energy I was transcending, it was already living within my top Chakras centers. What I mean by this is, I already knew about the attachment to this energy and I had been playing ping pong with it.

Which meant it was already loose from my unconscious lower Chakra centers (root, sacral, & solar plexus). And it was moving up my energy centers into my heart, throat, and third eye.

So of course, when I chose to let this go, this experience wanted to complete it's process and transmute, but first, my physical body had to do something with that energy.

One of the most beautiful things about this non-physical aspect of self, is that it moves and ascends itself when you show up to do the physical part of the transmuting.

And so last week and into this week, I have been navigating a 'sickness', also known as; an energetic ascension.

Honestly, a 15 year old version of me would have said she was 'sick' and I would have defaulted to the 3D way of thinking. Get buckley's, tell people I am sick, and have a pitty party for myself.

But higher consciousness me knew exactly what was going on and I have been letting my physical body clear the non-physical energy of this experience since last week when all of this came into the light.

At times it gets frustrating because you just want to feel better, but I always default back to gratitude for this beautiful experience that is the spiritual being having a human experience.

I ended up having a week of rest, quiet, and calm. Which was exactly what the doctor (universe) ordered!

One last thing I'll mention is that of course.... of course, I was tested one last time to see if I wanted to be in resonance with this past energy, but this time it was a faint experience that seemed to drift off into the background.

I had a person who I no longer wanted to be in resonance with show up again, and my mind defaulted to 'you need to give a f*ck', but I saw it for what it was and didn't attach. I let it go and the whole experience moved on.

Again, most would get frustrated about this but not me. I was grateful that this energy came back into my life to clarify for both my human and higher self that I had in fact transmuted the energy and was no longer in resonance with it.

A week of rest, healing, and gratitude at the end of it all.

I'll see you next week, beautiful human!

In Good Vibes,



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