The Champion Within: Unveiling the Identity Shifts of Kennedy Justinen

In this blog post, we'll share a glimpse into the remarkable evolution of Kennedy's identity throughout her snowboardercross career and highlight how it has been a pivotal role in her ascent to the top.

The Champion Within: Unveiling the Identity Shifts of Kennedy Justinen
The Champion Within: Unveiling the Identity Shifts of Kennedy Justinen
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In the world of professional sports, few stories captivate the mind quite like that of Kennedy Justinen. From humble beginnings at the bottom of the rankings to becoming a dominant force in her sport, Kennedy's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and identity transformation.

In this blog post, we'll share a glimpse into the remarkable evolution of Kennedy's identity throughout her snowboardercross career and highlight how it has been a pivotal role in her ascent to the top.

Kennedy's journey began in the shadows of obscurity, where she found herself at the bottom of the sport, with nothing more than a dream to compete for Canada as a snowboardercross athlete. At the beginning she faced the daunting challenge of learning a sport she knew very little about and had seemingly insurmountable odds against competitiors with years of experience.

It was at this stage of the journey that she partnered with her mindset coach, Danielle Grant, and discovered the power of mindset and the underdog mentality: a relentless determination to defy expectations and surpass the human limitations. With an unwavering commitment to her dream and a coach who believed in her, Kennedy embraced the adversity before her, using it as fuel to propel herself forward.

To begin, Kennedy shifted herself into a mindset that was grounded in the truth that she was not at 'the top' and she was the athlete who had to learn everything about the sport. It was here in Kennedy's journey that she adopted the mindset of a toddler; everything was new, she was learning to 'walk' for the first time, and finding where fear and limitations were living.

The mindset that served this aspect of her was one of accepting failure as growth and a necessary but crucial part of her journey. She showed up to every training & race as if she was there to win, but also knew her only focus was to learn about how it all worked and what was going to be required of her moving forward.

During this first phase of the journey Kennedy also had to look into many of her thoughts, beliefs, and stories about her life; what she thought of herself, how she thought others saw her, and she reflected upon childhood experiences that impressed a belief within that she may not be capable of achieving what she set out to do.
Kennedy Justinen - Snowboardercross Athlete on her journey towards gold #roadtogold

As Kennedy progressed beyond being the 'new girl' in the sport and began to gain recognition for her growth, she found herself navigating new terrain as a mid-level competitor. With each loss & victory came greater expectations, and Kennedy was forced to adapt not only her skills but also her identity once again.

At this point in the journey, Kennedy shifted into looking at new sets of limitations and what her human mindset was believing to be true about accepting that she was the athlete she was embodying and becoming. This transition was not without its challenges, as she struggled with the pressures of maintaining motivation and focus among other competition and what felt like many races at the bottom of the rankings.

It was here that Kennedy had to start introducing the Mindset Of A Champion. To activate this, Kennedy, with her mindset coach, spent many hours reflecting upon the human self and recognizing the deep rooted limitations as to what Kennedy had set out to do.

The task at hand: Shifting from the underdog, who knew nothing, to a high-level athlete who was competing and seeing progress. To support this shift Kennedy began to introduce new word tracks and beliefs that helped her identity shift into that of an elite athlete. She would find her human limitations and then introduced more expanded thoughts that were the opposite of the limitation.

At the mid-level of competition, Kennedy was able to introduce a higher way of thinking and one that matched the reality that she was improving as an athlete. She was moving up and down the ranks, but was earning her spot next to the competitors. For years Kennedy worked on this part of her identity.

Through courage and determination, Kennedy persevered, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before. After a few years at the mid-level competition stage and earning the title of The North American Champion in 2023, Kennedy graduated within her riding and identity to the next phase, the high-level competition athlete - The World Cup Rider.
Kennedy Justinen Snowboardercross Athlete | The North American Champion 2022/2023

It is on this world stage that Kennedy has faced her greatest shift yet; the identity at the highest level of competition.

As she moved into her first full season on the world cup circuit, the pressure mounted, at times consuming her. Yet, it is here that Kennedy has truly come into her own, harnessing the power of self-awareness and mental resilience to navigate the fierce truth of elite competition.

The riders are better. The tracks are bigger. The limitations are greater. And the qualifying times are tighter. Everything at this level has demanded a new Kennedy to emerge. The previous years leading up to where she is now, have set her up to know exactly when a new identity shift is required, and what she needs to do to make that happen. The focus for Kennedy now, is to bring her identity into the awareness of an elite athlete.

Similar to the shifts she took before, Kennedy has taken time to bring awareness to where her mind is, in regards to what she is achieving. Before races she is reflecting upon the limitations that are showing up and she is consciously choosing to introduce new beliefs that will activate a new identity, one that will serve her in completing at this high-level.

The version of Kennedy who started this journey 6 years ago, is no longer present. But like the beginning, today, she is learning to 'walk' at each new level and finding all the places fear or limitations may be living. With an unshakeable belief in herself and her abilities, Kennedy is rising above the noise and cementing her place among the world's elite. She is embodying a new version of herself daily and creating new identities along the way.

Throughout her journey, Kennedy has used a variety of strategies to evolve her identity at each stage of her career. From visualization techniques to meditations, from goal-setting to mindset frameworks, from 1-1 mindset coaching to self-guided journal prompts, she has left no stone unturned in her journey for self-improvement and her quest for gold.

As Kennedy has leaned on the guidance of her higher self, her external support team and has drawn inspiration from her previous experiences, she has recognized that the most profound insights and transformation always come from within.

Despite her remarkable success in a short time period, Kennedy has remained true to herself, grounded in the values that have guided her from the very beginning. In a world often defined by external pressures and expectations, she has stayed steadfast in her authenticity and desires, opting for sincerity over the pursuit of short-lived glory, and choosing the road of expansion and long term gains.

It is this unwavering commitment to self that has set Kennedy apart, inspiring her to fans around the world and motivating others to follow in her footsteps. Few stories shine as brightly as that of Kennedy Justinen. From the underdog nobody, to the North American Champion, to a contender on the World Cup. Her journey is a testament to the power of identity transformation and the resilience of the human and soul.

As we reflect on her remarkable achievements, let us not only celebrate her success but also draw inspiration from her unwavering determination and belief in oneself. In the end, it is not the trophies or accolades that define us, but rather the strength of character and depth of soul. And in that regard, Kennedy stands tall as a source of hope and possibility for us all.

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